About giant vitamin water

Giant Vitamin Water is made from demineralized water, infused with natural fruit and plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. It does not contain artificial flavours or colours. Vitamin Water is a breakthrough product with a range of unique variants. It is a great thirst quencher. It is also a non-carbonated drink. Giant Vitamin Water is developed and produced in Nigeria as an alternative to carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices and other still drinks. Vitamin Water is available in different flavours and functions.
Giant Vitamin Water provides a supplement of vitamins and minerals but above all, it tastes great. We recommend a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The introduction of the new product according to analysts, has the potential of reshaping the non-alcoholic beverage market in Nigeria. It will satisfy the yearnings of lifestyle-conscious consumers for healthy a non-alcoholic beverage that actually satisfies their thirst without the worries of excessive sugar intake.
Giant Vitamin Water comes in a 500ml bottle size with several delightful variants – Blackcurrant-Acai, Lingonberry-Boysenberry, Pineapple-Passion, Orange-Lime, Lemon-Balm, Zobo, Coconut Water and Zesty Lemon.

  • What is Vitamin Water?

  • Vitamin Water is a Nigerian functional drinks company that develops, produces and markets vitamin- and mineral enriched beverages with a distinct function -as a smarter and healthier alternative to sodas, juices and other still drinks.
  • Why Vitamin Water?

  • Vitamin Well was initiated in 2016 due to the noticeable lack of modern and healthy alternatives to the already existing products on the Nigerian market. We got our inspiration from the American and Asian beverage market and created the Vitamin drink with flavors and ingredients adapted for Nigerian consumers. We have since the start in 2016 continued the development and launched several smart beverage options.
  • Which are the benefits of Vitamin Water?

  • All our drinks give a good supplement of vitamins and minerals at the same time as they are great thirst quenchers. Vitamin Water is a non-carbonated drink that provides a broad range of vitamins and minerals. Enjoy them well chilled.
  • Are Vitamins and mineral supplements really necessary?

  • If you eat a well balanced diet with fruits and vegetables you will get all the nutrients you need. However, during certain periods in your life it can be a good idea to complement your diet with certain vitamins and minerals, for example Vitamin D during winter, folic acid if you are a woman in the childbearing age, or Vitamin B12 if you are a vegan and/or elderly. Vitamin Water gives a significant supplement of different vitamins and minerals.